You Won't Believe Why This Man Assassinated His Best Friend.

You Won’t Believe Why This Man Assassinated His Best Friend

You Won’t Believe Why This Man Assassinated His Best Friend.

Kwadwo Adusei, 45, better known as Desco, was detained by police in Ghana for allegedly killing his friend over a dream.

Kwadwo Adusei, 48, was claimed to have fatally murdered his 48-year-old friend Kwesi Banahene in his dream after seeing him sleeping with his fiancée.

According to reports, the incident occurred last Friday when the suspect took his friend to a bush and stabbed him many times all over his body.

The deceased’s body was discovered in the jungle after a search team was dispatched to seek for him after he had been reported missing in the village for several days.

The suspect was reported to have stabbed another person the next day after claiming that the victim had treated him unfairly in his dream and that he was also a part of the community’s problems.

The man, on the other hand, survived the attack after being admitted to Ankaase Hospital.

The suspect was enraged by the news of his recovery and went on to attack the second victim’s son, an act he confessed to when he was apprehended.

He stated:

“I drew my pal into the bush and, unbeknownst to him, stabbed him from behind.” He collapsed, and I repeated the process until he died.”

When questioned about the attacks, Desco stated that he committed the heinous deeds in order to prevent his fantasies from coming true, as they always do.

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