NAIS Cancels General Election

NAIS cancels General Election

By Akinola Junior Aladejowo

NAIS Cancels General Election
It was indeed a theatre of drama on Saturday, September 25,2021 at State School of Nursing, Agbor, Delta State, as the conduction of the National Association of Ika Students,NAIS Agbor chapter general election was ruled out by the National President of the Senators of the Association, Comr. Chuks Christian Ebegboni due to allegedly pre-planned election results by the Electoral Committee and stakeholders.
Speaking with the pressmen, Comr. Ebegboni said that the electoral process was bewildered with irregularities and malpractices and hijacked by the stakeholders for their selfish interests after receiving bribe from their candidates.
In his words, “The outcome of the election was pre-arranged before the very day, having the evidence at my disposal, which can be tendered when necessarily needed or called upon.
Hence, I stand to say that the election is cancelled and a fresh election will be conducted by the students not stakeholders. The stakeholders are meant to supervise NAIS and not to hijack their affairs, which they have failed us for doing such nefarious act.
Therefore, standing as the National President of the Association with my Veto Power, I’m constituting a new electoral committee alongside with the NIAS Senators in order to give each student and candidate equal right and Justice and thereby reviewing the Association constitution to that of the Federal Government of Nigeria”.
Also, the President of National Association of Delta State Students, NADESSU, Unidel, Agbor campus, Comr. Hezekiah Nenyiaba expressed disappointment over the misconduct of Electoral Committee and Stakeholders at the poll, positing that the election is nothing to write home about.
According to him, “The election was rubbish. They have turned students election to Nigeria politics, where rigging, bribery and corruption are order of the day.

NAIS cancels General Election
The election that brought in the incumbent President was free and fair, because I witnessed it myself. But this particular one was pre-planned, as some ballot papers were ticked by the perpetrators of the electoral malpractices in favour of their rightful candidates.
The stakeholders should leave election for students to choose whoever that will lead them. It is called Students election and not stakeholders election and as such the students should be allowed to exercise their franchise.
I have not seen where stakeholders will constitute Electoral Committee on the day of election, dissolved it and constitute another one. Besides, it is not even their duties to do such things. Giving them such role is a honour to them but they have abused it by indulging in electoral malpractices.
Therefore, the election is cancelled and a fresh one should be conducted for students to choose their rightful candidates that will lead them”.

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