Naija@61: It Is Not Worth Celebrating- Hassan

Naija@61: It Is Not Worth Celebrating- Hassan

Naija@61: It Is Not Worth Celebrating- Hassan
By Akinola Junior Aladejowo
In the wake of the euphoria that came with independence in October 1, 1960, better prospects were held out to the masses and good promises, which include Commitment to equal opportunities, quality education, health, employment and standard of living.
However, the political leaders that stepped into the shoes of their colonial master failed to make good their promises. The lot of the common people did not improve. In some cases, the burden of life became heavier and unbearable on the people. There is high rate of unemployment, insecurity, banditry, kidnapping and political instabilities.
It is on the above postulation that a renowned tradio-medical practitioner and Ekwueme of Akumazi Kingdom, Chief Dr. Yomi Oduselu Hassan expressed dissatisfaction over the menace happening the country, declaring that this year independence day is not worth celebrating.
He handed the statement on Tuesday, September 28,2021 at his Agbor-Obi residence, Agbor, Delta State.
Speaking with Ika Mirror reporter, he noted that Independence Day is not a day that Nigerians should celebrate, rather It should be a day of fasting and praying for this nation, because no record of any tangible achievement since Buhari came into power, instead the nation is wallowing in debts and criminalities.

Naija@61: It Is Not Worth Celebrating- Hassan
Speaking further, he said, “Well, Happy Independence to all Nigerians, because 61 is not a joke. Luckily for me, I was already an adult when Nigeria got independence.
As at that time our political leaders were up to date. They were always kept to their promises. The gap is so much now that our political leaders nowadays are promise makers, boaster and power greedy.
The last six years has been hell for us in this country. In fact, it was the worst administration ever witnessed in the history of this country. The yahoo issue is something else. We should think well to live well in this country. Our parents should discourage their children from going into yahoo and the children should find something dignifying doing.
It is uncommon knowledge that Nigerians protested at the UN summit. Instead of Nigeria Government to listening to them, they hire people to talk good about Buhari administration.
The Northern Governors had a meeting that they are the majority and it is their inheritance to become anything in the country. I’m not supporting any region to be the President but any body who can bring positive development to the country. Our political leaders are not interested in elevating others but the people to serve them till death. Our political leaders should learn to quit and allow others to grow in the political sphere.
I want to appeal to the IPOB to allow people to celebrate from their mind. They should not fight the government. If they do, it is the people that will suffer it.
The Government should give listening ears to the people and meet their demands. With this, there will be peace and vise versa, because an hungry man is an angry man.
I believe that Nigeria will be better than now. In that case, we need a drastic change and our leaders should make it happen on time. Our youths should understand that what we need now is to move Nigeria forward. All our religious leaders should be prayerful.
On independence day, all Nigerians should be calm, law abiding and think of how to solve the country’s problems”.

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