I Have $15 Million in Offshore Accounts According to the Pandora Papers Obi Peter Obi

I Have $15 Million in Offshore Accounts, According to the Pandora Papers Obi Peter Obi

I Have $15 Million in Offshore Accounts According to the Pandora Papers Obi Peter Obi

Peter Obi, the ex-governor of Anambra state, has disclosed why he opened offshore accounts for himself and his family in other countries.

Obi was embroiled in controversy with the publication of the Pandora Papers, a project carried out by a global International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ).

600 journalists from 150 news organizations from across the world worked on the project, sifting through a trove of 11.9 million confidential files, contextualizing information, tracing down sources, and analyzing public records and other documents.

“A trust business is a legal entity that is utilized all over the world for investment, savings, and estate planning.” In my instance and that of my family, it was done with the help of our then-bankers, Loyce TSB. This is what they did for all of their international clients that were active at the time I was in the UK. They will assist you in recognizing that the created trust company offshore, which is what we accomplished.”

“This company has never been utilized to launder money before, during, or after.” During my time in the office, it was never used for anything. It was exclusively a trust firm for savings and family planning, and it was utilized to fund our borrowings, in which we even invested.

When one of the Program’s anchors questioned if he had $500 million in offshore accounts, he said no. Obi responded;

“If you see more than 3% of it in there, seize all of my holdings here and overseas.”

“As a father, I save for my children, I save for my family, and they know,” he concluded.

“If you go there and find more than 3%, which is around $15 million, if I leave my children $500 million, I have cursed them.” You curse the people you bequeath money to. You leave them with what they need to get started in life. If you find anything worth more than $15 million there, seize all I own both abroad and here.”

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