GREAT AWAKENING By Apostle Michael Orokpo

GREAT AWAKENING By Apostle Michael Orokpo ( Audio)

here is always a need to awakening the spirit within us onto the perfect dealings of the spiritual leadings. To quicken our spirit with adequate spiritual exercises that is capable of edifying our inner man. Much more needful is the awakening of the body of Christ as a whole onto the prophecies of God and His pronouncement as far as the dispensation we are is concerned. The need to know how important it is to hold on to the confession of Jesus as lord and saviour. The need to sensitize christian of the fact that prosperity, fame and miracles is not just what Christianity is all about. That Salvation was given to men through Jesus, glorification will be given to men through faith in Jesus and obedience to His words. That the Faithful men of old were known and seen as examples for the good things they did and the level of their uncompromising discipline to stand against anything that negate the teachings of God. The level of this great awakening is what will produce the spirit of revival in man that will make men to see be able to live in the reality of whom God made them to be and not who the system of the world has made them. This sermon is an exhortation you and many other children of God need to hear. I am confident you will be blessed beyond doubt.

GREAT AWAKENING By Apostle Michael Orokpo



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